Stampede is an option source continuous automation system similar to Jenkins. With Stampede you can setup a complete set of integrations for your code repositories, or use it as a general purpose automation platform.

Why create another automation system?

First of all, I don’t think all other systems have some fatal flaws that cause them to be terrible. They are good at what they do and fill the needs of the people that use them pretty well. Many of the hosted solutions are excellent and cover many of the uses that most developers have.

Stampede was created for use by teams that want rich PR feedback in GitHub, want total control over what commands are executed on their build servers and are unable to use cloud based offerings. If you don’t need these things, you should look at the great alternatives out there. But if you do want these things, read on!

The foundational principles

Having identified that we wanted a new system, we came up with some foundational principles that we built the system with:


Stampede is built using node.js and will need to run on a system that can support at least Node 8. To operate, Stampede will need an instance of postgres and redis. And of course it will need the ability to send the events from GitHub to Stampede via a web hook. Connecting GitHub to Stampede can be done with a web proxy, or directly if your Stampede instance is visible to GitHub.

To get started, checkout our Getting Started Guide.