Server reference

Configuring stampede-server

The stampede-server app has many different configuration parameters that control it’s behavior. The server comes with default for most of the parameters, but a few are required because they are related to the external redis, github and postgres connections.

To configure the stampede-server instance, there are 2 primary methods. Either you can create a rc file that contains the parameters and values, or you can pass these via environment variables. It is also possible to use a combination of rc files and environment variables.

The most common approach is to use an rc file named .stampederc in the folder where you run the server from. For example to set the redisPassword parameter the rc file would contain the following:


For more details on the possible config file names & locations check out the rc node.js module that is used: Note that if you are using environment variables, you need to prefix them with STAMPEDE_.

Below contains the reference for each of the servers configuration parameters.


Redis is used as a cache in Stampede, and also contains all the worker queues.

Parameter Default Description
redisHost localhost The host name of the redis server
redisPort 6379 The port on the redis server to connect with
redisPassword null The password to use when connecting to the redis host


Parameter Default Description
dbHost localhost The host name of the postgres server
dbDatabase stampede The name of the database to create/use in postgres
dbUser postgres The user to use when connecting to postgres
dbPassword null The password to use when connecting to postgres
dbPort 54320 The port to use when connecting to postgres
dbCert null If the server requires it, a cert to use when connecting
dbLogSlowQueries ”” Set to true to log any queries to the database that are taking a long time
dbLogSQL false Set to true to log out all SQL that is executed by the server


Parameter Default Description
webURL http://localhost:7766 This is the url that the stampede server will be accessible from a brower
webPort 7766 The webport that will be used when starting the web server


Parameter Default Description
githubAppID 0 The appID given to the GitHub app that you need to create for the stampede system
githubAppPEMPath null A path to the PEM file downloaded from GitHub for the stampede app you create
githubAppPEM null Instead of a path you can include the entire PEM in this single parameter
githubHost null The github host to use for API calls (public github uses For GHE it should be the host name of your GHE instance


Parameter Default Description
logLevel info Can be set to verbose for more intensive logging
adminPassword stampede This sets the password needed to login to the admin mode. You should change this from the default
stampedeFileName .stampede.yaml This is the name of the repositories stampede config file that will be searched for in a connected repository whenever an event from GitHub is received.
defaultBuildRetentionDays 30 The number of days to keep the details for non-release builds in the system. When archived, the task details and any artifacts will be purged from the stampede database, while the build and task records will be kept
defaultReleaseBuildRetentionDays 3000 The number of days to keep the details for release builds. These are builds that are triggered from a GitHub release. In general you want these details kept longer in the system than normal builds.
handleQueueHeartbeatNotification enabled Set to enabled to cause the server to send out a notification periodically that includes the queue depths. Can be combined with the queueSummaryNotificationURL parameter to send this notification to an external system such as elastic search
queueSummaryNotificationURL null If handleQueueHeartbeatNotification is enabled, then this parameter will specify a URL that a queue summary will be posted to. This summary can be used to help monitor the system.
enableApiDocs false Set to true to enable a Swagger UI to be added to the sidebar that you can view the API docs from
slackNotificationMoreInfoURL null The base URL used when creating the more info link for slack notifications if different from the webURL parameter. Generally this can be left as null and the webURL parameter is used.
prCommentNotificationMoreInfoURL null The base URL used when creating the more info link for PR comments if different from the webURL parameter. Generally this can be left as null and the webURL parameter is used.
workerHeartbeatTimeout 3600 The default timeout in seconds before a worker is removed from the list of known workers after it stops reporting a heartbeat